Saturday 19th May: Wedding Celebrations & Posh BBQ’s

Well, the Big Day is nearly upon us and, whilst we were invited, sadly we can’t go. But that doesn’t stop us celebrating the Wedding of the Year by having a right posh BBQ on the evening of Saturday 19th May – for those of you who have made the journey to Northampton – please give our love and congratulations to the newly weds Mr & Mrs Ben Few.

Of course, there is another wedding going on that day – obviously far less important – but we will have the television on for those who want to watch with others rather than in their own homes, unless of course, you’re enjoying the village tea party up at Warrens Farm. It will remain in situ for the F.A. Cup afterwards and we stoke up the fires at around 6. Join us for Pigeon Burgers, Jerk chicken and many more delectations and delights…

Wishing you a long and happy life together Sam and Ben…. and Megan and Harry too.


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