Sunday Lunch at The Hart

Sunday Lunch is a special time at The White Hart… in winter a roaring fire crackles in the grate, in summer you can eat in the beer garden under the shade of the Damson Trees. On cold, rainy days the smell of the roast meats and gravy are a cheery welcome, and on hot, sultry ones you can have your roast Middle Eastern style with hummus, feta salad, tabuleh and olives. We always have chicken, and the other meats vary between beef, lamb, pork, ham and game birds in season. Newspapers are on the table, the whole family is welcomed, four legs and all, although it is advisable to book ahead if your party is large.

You can find a sample menu here – be aware that it is a sample menu (although there are always nachos and a prawn cocktail) but you could always phone ahead to ask about the roast of the day.

Sunday lunch 2017

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