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We are very lucky. We have the sea on our doorstep, pigs snuffling in the fields, orchards teaming with apples and the woods are full of game.

We are not a "fine dining" restaurant with a bevy of chefs. We are village pub where either Lynda, Stella or Jude use all this lovely, local produce to make food according to the seasons and their mood. Careful - things change frequently, but it means there is always something new on offer and it certainly isn't boring. Here are some sample menus that give you an idea of what we do...

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We often cook to order. If you really fancy something and think we have the wherewithal to make it, please ask. If we can, we will.

As a freehouse, we have a free range on the bar. Aspall's Harry Sparrow Cyder sits alongside Adnams and Earl Soham and at least one Guest Ale. The wine list is full of interesting gems, we have a shelf full of spirits - particularly gin. We like gin.  

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