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The White Hart is the only pub in Otley, a village of some 800 souls lying in the heart of the Suffolk Heights, eight miles from Ipswich and 10 minutes east of the A14.

In the nineties, the NZ Fruit Marketing Board ran an advert suggesting we think of Kiwi Fruit as Claudia Schiffer in a Brown Fuzzy Overcoat. Well, the White Hart is a Kiwi fruit. Not much from the outside, but quirky, interesting and different once you get in.

Our food is eclectic, our drinks well researched and constantly checked for quality, dogs and kids are welcome and we have free Wi-Fi because the mobile signal in these parts is rubbish unless you are on Vodafone. (Other networks may be available).

No matter the time of year; or your time of life, The White Hart is truly a pub for all seasons.

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